Dry Cleaning Tips

How do I protect my winter clothes from moths?

The most important thing to do is to clean your clothes before storing them. Moths are attracted to any food or stains that are left on your clothes. Moths are also attracted to natural fibers such as wool, silk, etc., so we suggest they be stored in mothproof bags.

What causes the puckering in certain areas of my jacket/coat after cleaning?

Some coats and jackets are made of bonded material. Bonding is when the manufacturer glues two or more fabrics together to produce a certain look and feel. Over time, the glue eventually breaks down leaving a puckered appearance when it separates. To see if a coat is bonded, lift up the inner lining and take notice of the backside of the outer material. If it is not the same material and has a foam backing or a mesh material, then it is bonded.

What should I do if I get an ink stain on my clothes?

Removal is usually easier if the garment is brought in promptly with no home remedies applied. Home remedies such as hair spray only make the stain worse by creating a glue stain. Ink stains come in a variety of colors and complexions and might be water or oil based. Professional spotting techniques are the most effective way to remove ink stains.

The proper cleaning of sports jerseys

This type of garment requires special handling. We look to the care label for proper cleaning instructions. However, we have found the care label in some jerseys cannot be trusted. We wet clean most of these. Wet cleaning is not the same as washing. Wet cleaning is a controlled process using water along with special detergents and conditioners and limited agitation. Due to their popularity, name brand sport jerseys are being counterfeited. These imitations are known not to hold up as well during the cleaning process. Buyers beware and purchase sports jerseys from a trusted retail store.

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